The cost of Beckett Ethics & Compliance International’s services varies according to project scope and thus is estimated on an ad-hoc basis, after consultation and scoping between us and our client.  Clients may choose the fee structure that best meets their needs.

Total In-Service Fees

This is the most advantageous fee structure as it allows a client to maximize the value of services provided.  After consultation and scoping, we will work with a client to develop a full service compliance and ethics  program and deliver the program as if we are the client’s in-house compliance team.  Client is able to have all the benefits  of  having a compliance group at a fraction of the cost.  Services under this fee structure include program maintenance fees and are billed at a predetermined flat  monthly rate  for a twelve month cycle.  If services exceed contracted limits, under this plan overages will be billed monthly on an hourly basis.

Project Based Fees

Clients have the opportunity to build their compliance service package one project at a time.  This  option  allows clients to tackle their most pressing issues and work through projects as needs and resources permit.  This fee structure allows a client to request specific work and pay a flat fee for fulfillment of a requested project.  Services under this fee structure are billed at a predetermined flat project rate and are prorated based on major project milestones.  Activity needed to maintain the effectiveness of completed projects will be billed on a monthly basis.  Project scope changes will be billed per any change requests.

Hourly Fees

All legal advice and services will be billed by the hour on a monthly basis.  Additionally, clients have the option to pay for all other services based on actual hours spent providing the requested services and maintenance of any projects/programs implemented.


At engagement, Beckett Ethics & Compliance International collects a retainer that is non-refundable, but fully credited against fees incurred under any of the above listed fee structures.


The client is responsible for all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses including:  travel expenses (e.g. airfare, lodging and meals), courier and delivery expenses, translation, printing and design costs and other customary direct out-of-pocket expenditures.