How We Create Value

Synergies of Scale

Most compliance and ethics providers fill specific specialty needs of large corporations such as hotline hosting or training material,  Beckett Ethics & Compliance International prides itself on providing full service compliance to smaller companies. For most of our clients, staffing their own compliance office is not feasible or warranted due to the size of their business and the compliance risks they face.  However, the compliance issues our clients encounter are real and ignoring them is not prudent.  By serving several different clients in similar situations, we are able to consolidate resources to find synergies of scale thus providing each of our clients with excellent service at an affordable price.

Anti-Corruption Expertise

The area of anti-corruption is a growing concern for companies around the globe and one which BECI had extensive knowledge and experience.  BECI provides extensive state of the art advice and guidance on all anti-corruption laws including the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, the UK Bribery Act, and in country anti-corruption laws as well as on how to meet ODA Integrity Guidelines and OECD regulations.  In order to provide best in class advice in this field, the company draws on its principal’s years of experience working in this field, her interaction with the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative including the development of their revised Anti-Corruption Principles, her training and advise work to assure compliance with ODA institutions requirements, her interaction with NGOs such as Transparency International on these topics, and her work with numerous company’s facing practical issues on the ground in Asia, Latin America, Africa and other global locations.  This combination allows her to uniquely understand the legal requirements, position of government entities and obstacles company’s face.  This is how we can provide practical tested solutions that push business forward and training, material and advice that allows everyone to fully understand not only the requirements they must meet but why they must comply.  With BECI’s assistance, a company can meet all pressures it faces and other entities can better understand the corporate pressures their regulations create allowing all to maximize compliance.

Personal Responsiveness

Beckett Ethics & Compliance International stresses the importance of building long-term customized client relationships and truly understanding each client’s business.  We provide careful, responsive, culturally sensitive and high quality customized service that produces successful results for your current and future ethics and compliance needs.  We become part of your team.

Strategic Knowledge

Beckett Ethics & Compliance International understands the strategic and cultural intricacies of developing and implementing ethics and compliance programs across multiple jurisdictions and in countries where traditions vary from the laws that underpin the need for such programs.  We have extensive on the ground experience implementing compliance programs in numerous countries and a track record showing that, because of our methods, employees in all disciplines not only get our messages but understand and champion them.   Our methods not only set out the rules but show people how to get business done in their country while following these protocols.

Comprehensive Service

While client engagement and commitment is critical to spreading a compliance culture through tone at the top, Beckett Ethics & Compliance International provides comprehensive full service products so you can rest easy that your compliance needs are being fulfilled and you can concentrate on your core business needs.