Knowledge & Experience

When you hire Beckett Ethics & Compliance International you are gaining a wealth of practical experience:

  • Development of best in class global culturally sensitive ethics and compliance programs that have earned recognition from the Dow Jones Sustainability Report and the World Economic Forum
  • Leadership on numerous risk assessments
  • Authorship of and successful implementation of numerous codes of conducts, anti-bribery/corruption, fraud prevention, gift, conflict of interest  and other policies, registries  and controls.
  • Advocacy before the United States’ Department of Justice and the United States’ Securities and Exchange Commission
  • In person training of over 5,000 individuals across all functions and organizational levels
  • Development and management of compliance hotlines and investigation protocols
  • Leadership on hundreds of investigations including complex global anti-corruption and multijurisdictional fraud matters.
  • Creation of extensive and diverse awareness material  and other learning devices such as ethics day celebrations and ethics promotions like “time out for ethics”
  • Development of reporting metrics and other tracking devices
  • Creation of unique government inclusion mechanisms
  • Negotiation with police forces and other local officials in numerous countries
  • Drafting and negotiation of numerous agreements with government officials
  • Development of transparent reporting mechanisms for entire organizations
  • Dealings with large multinational  workforces with multiple needs and issues