Beckett Ethics & Compliance International will tailor its ethics and compliance service to a business’ specific needs.  These services may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Risk Assessment

  • Identify and assess internal and external compliance risks.
  • Provide a customized compliance plan unique to each client’s situation.

Program development

  • Develop practical controls and policies that address identified risks.
  • Provide program material such as codes of conduct, conflicts of interest  protocols, fraud prevention, gift registries, and summaries for government officials and community groups.

Program implementation

  • Collaborate with and advise clients to create appropriate tone at the top and messages in the middle.  Provide and implement practical, culturally sensitive rollout plans.
  • Establish internal networks to enable successful program implementation.  Design communication material, such as posters, activities and videos, that assure compliance will be visible in client’s organization on a regular basis.  As appropriate, material can be designed to share client’s program with the community and government entities.


  • Design culturally appropriate, creative, state of the art training material in multiple medias including video, interactive on-line, short scenarios, in-person seminars and stories.  Tiered training will focus on relevant material for different parts of client’s organization including senior management, board of directors, mid-level managers, employees who interact with government officials or third parties, financial employees and all types of general employees.
  • Conduct training in a proactive fashion customized to meet the cultural needs of each group of trainees.

3rd party engagement

Provide culturally appropriate, creative, state of the art training on behalf of clients to 3rd parties such as local suppliers, contractors, government officials and community leaders on client’s policies, compliance program, compliance laws and other relevant material.  Certify training completion.
  • Offer 3rd party training follow up program consisting of question solution hotline, newsletter and follow up training.


  • Set up and manage independent compliance reporting hotline. Design culturally appropriate promotional material that informs employees and customers on how to use the line and its purpose.
  • Conduct program assessments to determine the effectiveness of client’s compliance program at all levels of the organization.  Provide practical implementation guidelines to address recommendations.


  • Provide professional investigations appropriate for the allegations.  Expertise in anti-corruption and fraud investigation.
  • Thorough investigation reporting, legal advice as appropriate, and follow up as needed.


  • Provide advice on a day to day basis to client’s managers as compliance issues arise by providing a direct hotline and in-person consultation as needed.
  • Counsel management and board of directors on relevant compliance legal issues.

Government entity engagement and advocacy

  • Develop  and implement government and community engagement programs designed to inform officials of client’s compliance programs and ultimately partner with officials to enhance compliance.
  • Assist with negotiations of Memorandums of Understanding and other relevant agreements with government agencies and community representatives as needed.   Advocate on behalf of client in government inquiries, courts of law and other appropriate forums.


  • Provide management and board of directors with reports on all aspects of the compliance program, investigation outcomes and legal updates on a regular basis.
  • Develop mechanism to inform employees of the program’s activities so they will have confidence in the program and understand consequences of violating compliance policies.

Program maintenance

  • Run client’s compliance program on a day to day basis providing communications with employees and compliance activities on a regular basis to assure employees understand the program and are part of the client’s compliance culture.
  • Provide regular updates on changes in compliance laws and practices and recommendations for program revisions to assure compliance with such changes.